Haikus for Sundiata

The 48 haikus are representative of the 48 years Sundiata has spent in prison. These haikus reflect a portion of the broad range of artists, entertainers, educators, scholars, and everyday freedom-loving people calling for Sundiata’s release. 

i love freedom
butterflies in the sky
and the stomach too.
by Sundiata Acoli 

47 years down
no fistfight in all that time
so who’s violent?
by Sundiata Acoli



Flying higher than
Eagles ever would dare try
Black Panther with wings.
by Mumia Abu Jamal

Locked within lies
Brother Panther teacher you
We dream of freedom
by David Walker

We do not follow,
We lead, with friends to inspire
Courage, grace and life.
by fayemi shakur

blackman come home
vibrating spirit soar
free elder, free.
by Anddiswa

Vibrations of heart
creations spring from you. Love
your liberation.
by Jasmin Thana

When panthers are prey
We swallow their teaching whole
And birth warriors
by Sage Crump

Vibrations of heart
creations spring from you. Love
your liberation.
by Jasmin Thana

Justice does not Just
prevail must educate to
propagate Freedom
by Maurice Mitchell

Injustice is Cruel
Broken Promises Abound
The Spirit moves towards Freedom
by Bonnie Walker

No bars can hold hearts
Resistance is sanity
You still bloom in me
by Mystic

a mathematician
confined as irrational
receives infinite love.
by Robert Karimi

An OG enters the ring
The State jumps up!
Freedom fighting still undefeated
by Russell Maroon Shoatz

Sundiata loves
Life, liberty and people
Let my brother go!
by Kiilu Nyasha

Outside prison bars
Spring at last is blossoming
Free Sundiata!
by Freedom Archives

Walls that separate
Cannot dim your strength that shines
And inspires us.
by Jennifer Vehia (Hawaii)

What these walls did teach
about liberating mind,
Freedom signed by grace.
by Lauren Michelle

Let’s call you courage
A sun walker for freedom
Vibration and rhyme.
by Nikki Skies

like you, we will bloom
hot into the concrete, what
will open this time.
by Irene Milsom

We keep on singing
Sundiata’s freedom songs
Fists raised, we fight on.
by Jamarah Amani (Miami, FL)

calculated pain
will not sustain because hope
and righteous struggle are here
by Bobby Mike

Listen– the water
rushing soft and smooth, over
years, carving through rock
by Nick Ross-rhudy

When spirit moves us
Liberation is the goal
Ancient traumas, free
by Fayemi Shakur

Nothing can stop time
Beating hearts stop on cue but
Nothing can hold you.
by Ferrari Sheppard

Heroic LOVE you
exemplify for Us. Your
brilliance lights our paths.
by Dara Cooper

Flesh weathered by flame
Sundiata so well-named
Heart brighter than suns. 
by Walidah Imarisha 

Holding the hard line
With your skin and your sweet years
To see our freedom. 
by Adrienne Marie Brown 

You remind me of
what true poetry should be
purposeful and true. 
by Sham-e-Ali Nayeem

The debt of Justice
For Sundiata’s release
Is long overdue.
by Stic, dead prez

Salute to the Sun
With the highest of honors
For your sacrifice.
by Stic, dead prez

Sundiata. Man.
Shining soul. Grandfather. Son.
Let him live his song!
by Ishle Yi Park, Poet Laureate of Queens, NY (2004-2007)

Passionate visions
For our freedom you gave yours
A Black Love Supreme
Cycles of seasons
Like Spring reminds us we can
Resurrect you home!
Warrior Panther King
Walls can’t hold a spirit that
grows on brick like vine. 
by Liza Jessie Peterson

They cut down flowers
And cage a bird but they can’t
Stop spring from coming. 
by Daniel Sans Culottes

locked in the dungeon
there is only one season
eternal struggle.
by Clarissa Rogers

A cage cannot hold
spirit or contain fire
Even if it tried.
by Nadir Lasana Bomani

my heroes are those
who stay human in the most 
inhuman places. 
by Gabriel Teodros

Love Sundiata’s
freedom and justice fiercely 
they too are your own. 
by Turiya Autry

These words are small, yet
winged. They squeeze through bars, defy
concrete. Flock of love.
by Olga Garcia

Spaceships mean future
He worked for that AND for now
NASA Panther Man. 
by Thandisizwe Chimurenga

Those who walk through fire
May cup it in hand listen
To phoenix secrets. 
by Walidah Imarisha

Racism is a caged mind
Imprisoned by hate & fear
Freedom for all is uncaged.
by Daniel Shea, Veterans for Peace

A generation 
Removed from glory and pride
Return to our roots. 
by Hasan Salaam

spirit can’t be killed
when you breathe out the will of
the people. feel you.
by jessica Care moore

warriors walk
with intention, lesson i learned
watching your footsteps.
by Luam Kidane

I shed tears for us
For my people can’t be freed
While you are caged. 
by Tawana aka Honeycomb

How many fathers
have we lost? Let grandfathers
come home and be loved. 
by Tara Betts

Cages may hold you
Your love for the people can’t
Be shackled, but soars. 
by Kenyon Farrow

Love is what love does
Gave his life for the people
We will set him free. 
by Jasiri X

We will imagine
Beyond chains, restraints, illusions
Freedom’s before us. 
by Jeff Chang

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