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Please sign and share this petition demanding NJ Governor Phil Murphy commute Sundiata’s sentence to time served.  Bring Sundiata Home Why is this important? I urge you to exercise your executive power

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Write to Sundiata

Sundiata Acoli (Squire)39794-066P.O. Box 1000FCI CumberlandCumberland, MD 21501 IMPORTANT: All letters must be on white paper mailed in white envelopes. Letters can be typed or handwritten, but must be in

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Who We Are

The Bring Sundiata Acoli Home Alliance consists of a diverse group of individuals and organizations from across the United States. We are educators, attorneys, faith leaders, students, cultural artists, and

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How You Can Help

Support the campaign to #BringSundiataHome Your support for Sundiata Acoli is crucial to his return home. We have mounted a national campaign to build support for his release and we

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All photos used by permission. The Black Panther Party’s “black pride” was not based on denigrating whites, but on showing the black community that they were in control of their

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